Best cricket bat for leather ball

hybrid athletic systems Best cricket bat for leather ball

Selecting a bat is always a difficult task for me, and assuming the same problem with you. We can find many options available in the market by which you will get confused and you make the wrong choice. Do you know we play with the leather ball was the first to design as a tennis ball? There are many bats available in the market which always made us confused but you have found two types of bat which is English willow, Kashmir willow.

The player who plays with the leather ball is built with English Willow and the player who plays with tennis bats is made of Kashmir willow. Apart from this all their many factors which you should look before buying a bat-like the size of the bat, weight of the bat, the grade of willow, and grains in the bats. While I have mentioned this all factors which usually, we do when picking up a bat. I have selected some of best cricket bat for leather ball. we may find many bats in the market as I have said earlier but you need to find the best one by looking at their features as I have mentioned in the above lines.

Below we have mentioned best cricket bat for leather ball.

1. Kookaburra Kahuna.

Image result for Kookaburra Kahuna.

Kookaburra kahuna is the best bat in the world. This bat has got the power to hit the ball for 6. Kahuna is the best bat in the world which is has been used many of the great players. 

2. SS ton Image result for . SS ton 

Another best bat which is on our list is SS ton which is in the amazing bat. It comes with power-hitting ability, SS ton bat brand is one of the best bat brands in the world. Every international player uses this bat.

3. Adidas Master blaster Club.

Adidas is another best bat that comes with great power-hitting ability. It is bat which comes really hard shots. Adidas Master blaster Club brand is the best which is being used by the maximum players. 

4. GM Icon Image result for GM Icon 

It is the most sturdy and reliable bat. This is best bats in the world with a huge sweet spot great pick up

Above we have mentioned some of the best cricket bat for leather ball. if you like this content make sure you have comment down below and thank you for reading.